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We are a boutique membership website, unique among the myriad of websites with pop-ups, ads and overwhelming social media embedded within which can be a source of distraction while you browse a website.

By email invitation only, we cater to individuals who appreciate the quality of handcrafted, organic and sustainable products made to order, in limited quantities.

Once a month, an email will arrive in your inbox inviting you to check out our latest inspirations. Availability is limited so it is essential to click through promptly if you want to purchase. 

A rich background in naturopathy and a passion for leather jewelry inspires our creations. We focus on bringing the wisdom and beauty of nature, raw and pure into our work.

We would love to have you join our community. Our products are waiting to arrive to your home, one email a month.

Thick Leather Bracelet with Pearl starting at $100.00

In choices of chocolate or black leather – single Tahitian pearl with gold and silver spacers. Options available.

Double Leather Bracelet starting at $80.00

Double leather bracelet with selection of beads and other inspirations.

Raw Crystals on Leather starting at $60.00

Selection of raw crystals to choose from in an overlay of knots on leather. Color choices available.

Rose Hydrosol 8 oz. $10.75

Organic Rosa Damascena essential oil gently steamed in distilled water.

Activated Charcoal & Bentonite Clay Soap 4 oz. bar $4.75

Awesome soap, period.

Face Serum 4 oz. $55.00

The best of nature for our skin.

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